"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Are you kidding? They're retreating! There's nobody out there.
— Hadhoud

Private Adam Hadhoud, sometimes called "Mad Hadder", was a member of the UNSC Marine Corps, and an ODST. He served in Task Force Bravo under First Lieutenant Brian Hartley. On typical missions, Hadhoud specialized in spotting enemies for fellow Bravo member, John Scampi, to fire upon.

During the Battle of Installation 04, he was killed by a Covenant sniper, while commenting on the lack of them. His body was left on the ring, and he was officially marked KIA after the battle had ended.


Adam Hadhoud was an ODST specifically trained in the skill of spotting enemies with advanced optic systems. He served as a spotter for snipers and machine gun teams throughout his career. Sometime before the Fall of Reach, he was transferred to Task Force Bravo, and assigned to the Base of Fire team. Shortly after Reach, the Task Force was sent to the newly-found Installation 04 to perform reconnaissance. Here he gained multiple assisted kills, and some of his own. After the team's gunner, John Scampi, was killed, Hadhoud was no longer a spotter, and instead a standard rifleman. He aided the team in pushing inland from a coastal area, and helped secure a Covenant Phantom as a temporary transport. Later in the battle, the team forced a pair of Hunters away from a flat area where they had captured the Phantom. When he recommended the squad move forward through the flats, he was immediately rebutted by Joseph Martin, who claimed that they would be perfect targets for snipers. Angered, Hadhoud argued that there were no such snipers, only to be killed by one mid-sentence.

Personality and traitsEdit

At 5' 11", Hadhoud was rather small for an ODST. Due to his middle-eastern ancestry, he had darker features than the rest of the squad. Hadhoud, like most ODSTs, was known for his ability to think under pressure. He was also known to be rather stubborn and demanding, often ordering squad-mates around despite his low rank. This was shown when he refused to retreat back into the Phantom at the risk of death by sniper fire, arguing that there were no snipers in the area. He was also observed to take advantage of fellow ODST John Scampi, often ordering him to fire, fall back, or take certain positions.


Hadhoud was equipped with a standard ODST BDU, with some minor modifications. The most striking of which was the optics system mounted on the top of his helmet. Due to this feature, many confused him for a sharpshooter on first glance. His primary weapon was a BR55 battle rifle, although he very rarely used this. In fact, most of his kills are attributed to his partner, John Scampi, who was, in turn, aided by Hadhoud's spotting abilities.