"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Good job, kiddo. C'mon, let's move up.
— Kaflinski congratulating Shrake for shooting a Covenant combatant.

Private Arek Kaflinski, nicknamed "Marshmallows", is a member of the UNSC Marine Corps, and an ODST. During the Daego Insertions, he served on Task Force Golf, helping to fend off numerous Covenant armoured elements. He was later assigned to Task Force Bravo under First Lieutenant Brian Hartley. He specialises in close-quarters engagements, utilising an M90 shotgun.

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For the first half of his career, Arek was rather easygoing. He often kept the task force's morale up with sarcastic humour. He was adept at combat and possessed alarmingly quick reaction time. Although he was skilled in battle, he had stated many times that he does not like to kill living things. He was also shown to have a strong paternal instinct, taking care of fellow soldier Ryan Shrake when the two were separated from the team, despite Shrake being only slightly younger. He also appeared to actually show some consideration to Insurrection forces, even offering to escort some rebel-affiliated refugees away from a battle zone.

After his infection by AnD-125b, Arek became a very violent individual. As opposed to his previous self, he attacks Covenant troops for what seems like no reason and slaughters them barbarically. He appears to have a complete lack of empathy and ignores the rest of the team most of the time.

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