"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Private Charles Taylor was a UNSC Marine who served alongside Task Force Bravo during the First Battle of New Jerusalem and the Skirmish for the Requisition.


First Battle of New JerusalemEdit

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In April 2551, Taylor and his squad were sent to the city of Tzab Shveh on New Jerusalem to investigate Kig-Yar Pirate activity. When they arrived, a Covenant fleet came out of slipspace over the planet and deployed troops to the city. Taylor and Ray Sullivan were the only members of the squad who survived the opening stages of the battle, and were subsequently forced to retreat to a hotel near the centre of the city. There, they held off multiple waves of Sangheili and Unggoy until Task Force Bravo arrived and rescued them.

Taylor and Sullivan continued to fight alongside Bravo until New Jerusalem was evacuated in a stolen Covenant ship, the Requisition of Prosperity, and all UNSC forces returned to Reach.

Skirmish for the RequisitonEdit

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After arriving at Reach, Taylor, Sullivan, and Task Force Bravo were sent to retrieve the Forerunner artefacts stored on the Requisition of Prosperity, which had come out of slipspace in interstellar space after its reactor failed. However, when they reached the ship's position aboard the prowler Silent Blade, they were attacked by a small Covenant fleet. While approaching a Covenant supercruiser, the Silent Blade was cut in half by plasma weaponry. Taylor was on the front half of the prowler, which crashed into the supercruiser and was completely obliterated.