"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Lance Corporal Nicholas Marshall, nicknamed Nikolai, is an ODST. He is a member of Task Force Bravo, led by First Lieutenant Brian Hartley.


Battle of Paris lVEdit

Nikolai was part of Delta Platoon, a group of ODSTs during the Battle of Paris IV. The team was tasked with destroying a set of Covenant AA guns. On the way, they encountered about 500 civilians, who Nikolai promised to evacuate.

They were initially successful, destroying several AA guns and nearing others, until Covenant reinforcements arrived. The ODSTs dug in and held off the Covenant with dignity; the ODSTs were so effective at killing the enemy that their guns overheated. The Covenant overwhelmed their position and slaughtered almost every human in sight. They went around after the battle and shot any stragglers. Nikolai and a few others made it out by crawling underneath the dead bodies.

When Nikolai arrived on the last ship out of the system, his CO forced him to watch the glassing of the innocent people that could have been stopped had the AA guns been purged. It left him scarred and he soon failed a psychological evaluation. He was put on shore leave in Cleveland, Ohio to recover from his disability, much to his chagrin.

Battle of ClevelandEdit

Nikolai was present when Cleveland was invaded in 2552 by the Covenant. He acquired a beat up suit of armor from a recently deceased acquaintance sent out to defend Vine Court. During the course of the battle, he would link up with Task Force Bravo and help them evacuate civilians from the stadium.

Battle of Installation 00Edit

Return to BravoEdit


Nikolai is troubled mentally, but he doesn't let it show, often appearing charismatic. He is very trusting of humans, but couldn't care less for the lives of anything else. To him the Sangheili are cannon fodder for the protection of Earth and humanity. He likes to make dark and disturbing jokes.


Nikolai is Caucasian/Native American at around the age of 25. He utilizes normal ODST combat armor and mostly the M7S Submachine Gun. Nikolai cuts his wrists before battle and puts the blood on his face and helmet like warpaint.