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This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Fleet Master Tolo 'Zhekamee was the commander of the Covenant Fleet of Steadfast Guard and the assault carrier Ghost of Redemption.


Discovering DaegoEdit

On December 12, 2550, the Covenant captured a human civilian freighter and brought it aboard 'Zhekamee's carrier. The freighter contained the location of a Unified Earth Government colony world called Daego. Immediately after learning of this, 'Zhekamee took his fleet to the planet.

Fall of DaegoEdit

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On December 23, a portion of the Fleet of Steadfast Guard exited Slipspace above Daego. The Daego Defense Fleet, led by Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley, engaged the ships immediately, and managed to destroy a leading CCS-class battlecruiser. However, the rest of the fleet, led by 'Zhekamee in the Ghost of Redemption, arrived shortly after. The carrier rammed into Ridley's ship, destroying it, and the rest of the human ships were destroyed shortly after.

After the UNSC retaliated with the Cole Protocol, and all valuable data on the planet was destroyed, 'Zhekamee ordered his ships to destroy the planet, destroying potential Forerunner artefacts, but still "cleansing" the world of humans. Once the glassing was complete, most of the fleet returned to High Charity, while a portion of it and 'Zhekamee's carrier held position over the planet.

Daego InsertionsEdit

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When the UNSC returned to Daego as part of the search for the Forerunner weapon known as the Casket, 'Zhekamee and his ships failed to intercept a Charon-class frigate, the UNSC Sword of Giants, which slipped through their lines and deployed troops to the planet. However, the humans' mission was unsuccessful as the Casket was nowhere to be found, and the frigate was forced to retreat. Later, 'Zhekamee and the portion of the Fleet of Steadfast Guard remained in position over Daego until further reinforcements arrived, forming a thick defence around the planet. This prevented humanity from ever recapturing it.